Last weekend, Saturday

I was able to find a very nice company that would deliver the soil and their name is Mass Mulch. They delivered 9 cubic yards of screened loam and put it in a way so I could still get my car out of the garage. It cost about $350. We also purchased a new cart because the single-wheel wheelbarrow was a huge pain last year. This cart hauls huge amounts of dirt easily and allows you to dump the bucket while the wheels are still on the ground. We started work on Saturday, June 8th and by the afternoon we had almost fully filled the first box. At this point, we went to our local garden store Mahoney’s Garden Center to get starter plants and fertilizer. It’s always fun going to Mahoney’s because the staff is super helpful and fun. Upon their recommendation, we ended up with Coast of Maine lobster compost, several tomato & pepper plants, and a slew of herbs.

Once we got back home, we used the cart to move the fertilizer to box 1 and laid them out as well as the new plants. We took a break because the sun was relentless and I wanted to wait until we had some shade. Once we did have shade, I focused on tilling the new fertilizer into box 1 while Eric started working on box 2. About 5 pm we stopped work and made some dinner – spicy bean soup with tasso.

The end of the first day box 1 is filled and tilled while box 2 is started

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