Last weekend, Sunday II

After I finished box 1, I started to help Eric with the second bed. We filled it up and used 5 bags of the same fertilizer to till this soil. Our last bit of work was to use the rake to break up any chunks and smooth out the bed. Planting would have to wait for another day as this was around 5 pm.

Eric had done more than simply fill the boxes with dirt. He also removed sod from the other boxes to plug holes in the bottom of the other boxes where the land wasn’t very even. We assessed the other two boxes and decided that since box 3 is much deeper than the others that we will focus on tubers and root vegetables there. That means box 4 will house leafy veg and ones that prefer more shade or cooler temperatures. I am sure this will come with its problems but I want to see what those problems are so that we can adjust the scheme for next year. That night we had a lovely Indian inspired dish of Kashmiri seasoned ground pork and rice in Boston lettuce wraps.

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