Last weekend, Sunday

Finally, I was ready to put plants into the ground. We ended up going to Home Depot for more companion plants, which are plants that grow well with my focused plants and also repel bad insects while attracting good insects. I had to remember some of the lessons we learned at Epcot’s Flower Garden festival, that parasitic wasps are a good thing to have in your garden and herbs that cook well together also grow well together. When we returned, I positioned the plants and their companions in the first bed and started planting; meanwhile, Eric continued to fill in the second box.

Our strategy is as follows – we are bordering one side with marigolds, a great repellent to insects that feed on tomatoes, peppers, and pretty much any plant while attracting insects such as parasitic wasps. On the other side we are planting a row of nasturtiums that protect plants from aphids and other bad insects. I planted this bed with mostly tomatoes and peppers and interspersed basil between them as they all grow well together. At the end, I stuck a bunch of scallions, which I bought from the grocery store into the soil. It’s so much fun to go to your garden and snip some basil and scallion tops along with your picked veg and then whip up a tasty salad in minutes!

Resources include:

iLikeSeeds – Plant Compatibility

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