Pollen Attack!

Sunday night I experienced a bloody nose and the next morning I had some major allergies, which warned me that all of the pollen in the air wasn’t very good for me, especially when spending a good 6 hours playing with dirt and plants. Therefore, on Monday I decided to close up the house and wait for the storm we were supposed to get overnight to knock out the pollen. On Tuesday, after the rain had subsided, I went out to the second box to assess the plants and start my grid.

This box holds my cucumbers, fennel, celery, tomatillo, lemongrass, and cilantro & oregano. It’s a bit of a hodge podge bed of items with which I’ve really never grew. They are circled by yarrow, a great bee attracter so I’ll probably hear a lot of buzzing down in that area. That was all I did on Tuesday as there wasn’t many hours of light and I couldn’t even start until after work ended.

box 2 is completed

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