Beds three and four with video

On Saturday, we were very determined to get box three completed this weekend. I set up a tripod with my camera and took video each time we dumped dirt as well as our method of mixing the fertilizer. Oh and there is a bit of banter in some pieces. Our neighbors are slowly coming over to peer at our work and praise our efforts, so I feel really excited to start leaving veggie presents on their doorsteps.

We woke up on Sunday to the gentle pitter-patter of rain. Oh dear! Hubby and I bolted down some food and headed out to finish our fourth and final box. We got about 7 good barrels’ full of loam into the bed before out stomachs let us know that a few pieces of fruit was not enough to ensure energy. So Eric went inside to make a properly sized meal while I took a bit of time to take some pictures of what I need to weed. I got to our front door and turned around to take pictures of the magnolia tree and not 5-6 feet away was some turkey from our neighborhood…and two hens. I tried to respect my distance but get off a few shots while they calming pecked my lawn for bugs.

After also eating a bigger meal, we got back out there is the rain and finished off the fourth bed. I won’t lie, there was some slipping and sloshing in mud, and after we were done we had to hose down our tools and selves before we dare enter the house; however, this part of the project is done! Next comes the weeding and planting of hydrangeas.

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