Birbs, Bees, and Anniversaries

Although we didn’t get to much planting this week, there were some significant highlights and pictures I wanted to share. First of all, during an evening stroll through the garden, Eric and I saw a bird fly out from under our deck. We knew there were a few nests built so we went to inspect and found five eggs – 3 off white and 2 mottled. Eric did a little investigation and found that the mottled ones are that of brown-headed cowbird, which is a parasitic bird that typically lays their eggs in the nest of another bird. They are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act which means we will not interfere with any of the eggs; however, we will be keeping an eye on the nest.

This week was also our 4th wedding anniversary, and Eric got me a ladder garden for the deck. Now I’ve got to decide what should be planted in these boxes and that is a quandary I didn’t resolve this weekend. Mostly because I had a horrid headache and spent the better part of Saturday lying down and trying to get rid of it. Today, while Eric mowed the lawn, I spent time tending to the garden, weeding, and getting photos of our burgeoning veggies & fruit. I hope those of you who visit this blog enjoy the flora and insect life that has been visiting our patch of Happiness.

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