Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

We’ve definitely had our share of rain lately, and frankly I’m getting a bit sick of it. We did go out and have a walk about the area to see how things were progressing. As you can see, our dogwood is finally losing its flowers, beds one and two are doing good, but beds three and four are still sort of empty. We did plant some tubers in bed three so I will be excited to see what starts popping up. Some of the plants are getting sick of the rain and are showing it with yellowing leaves, but strangely the tomato plants are enjoying it! Also, the baby cowbird has opened its eyes and though it is a grainy picture, we did see mommy looking in from afar on her little one.

Even though it was very wet lately, I have been busying myself with some research on sites. This is something to keep for later issues:

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