Tendrils of Life

This week has been a bit crazy for us. It was my last week of class, I got a head cold that kept me out of my garden, and the thunderstorms have been constantly coming through driving all of us nuts. Luckily, my cucumber plant seems to like it and has started to wrap its tendrils around the wire. We harvested some jalapeñoes so that the plant could concentrate on creating more, got our first serrano going, and spied another tomato coming. Each bed looks to be taking this rain pretty well, which says a lot for the drainage of the beds. Eric planted our one hydrangea in bed three until we can build its eventual home on the side of the deck.

Our little cowbird is growing up fast and actually looks like a sullen teenager when we take pictures. Still cute to watch this process of growth in both flora and fauna, but I’d really like to see our turkeys again sometime soon.

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