Songs, Birds, and Bees!

Entry to the Garden

It’s been a while since I’ve entered any update on my garden but with the holiday, work, and the start of a new school session, I had to re-balance my priorities so that I could go back to the garden. Don’t worry though! It seems everything is thriving and growing in the mix of sunny and rainy days.

Our little birb has flown the nest but I still see him every now and again, and I hear more chirping from the backyard while I work in the loft. The bumble bees are out bonking into every flower they can find and I’ve seen a few bee butts rooting around the perimeter.

My tomatoes are coming in and needed several poles to make sure they stand up straight. Beautiful little cherry tomatoes and bright green larger ones are poking out from behind the leaves promising us some excellent tomato dishes soon. I’m thinking of a contraption for next year that will stand between each side next year where we can loosely tie them against it as they grow.

The jalapeño plant is bearing fruit very well and I actually used a few in our tomatillo cream sauce for dinner! The serrano isn’t bearing fruit yet, but I already see the flowers getting ready to drop. Bed one is definitely doing very well.

Bed two is also bearing out fairly well and the yarrow is still so lovely. The celery and fennel look very healthy, but the star really is my two cucumber plants in the back. We started the training them up our red trellis almost two weeks ago and they have taken to pulling themselves up each rung. I’m hoping they don’t outgrow the trellis, but if it gets to that we’ll run to the garden shop and get a larger one. This area will now officially be my cucumber section I believe. The flowers are very gorgeous and I’m looking forward to doing some pickling in the near future.

You belong among the wildflowers

Beyond bed two our tiger lilies and other wildflowers are blooming and looking very lovely. I actually sat there for a bit and hummed Tom Petty’s song “Wildflowers”. This was, and still is, one of my favorite songs to listen to during a nice summer day when the wind is faintly blowing the smell the flowers across your face. Sorry, a bit of nostalgia there…

Meanwhile, our third bed is now blooming with some cuts of yams my husband is testing. They seem to love the soil and grew pretty fast as I believe he only planted them about two weeks prior. I don’t see anything from my ginger and turmeric experiment, but time will tell. All the herbs on our deck are thriving wonderfully and I’ve decided to let the single “little mighty cilantro plant” go to seed in the bed instead of using it or transplanting. Let’s see what the next generation is capable of doing.

The other day some person came to my house and asked if I wanted his company to come spray their vile poison around my house and edge area. The look of utter disbelief on his face when I told him that I like my spiders just as they are – alive! I informed him that spiders help kill bugs and my cats do just fine killing those spiders that are silly enough to get within paw range; furthermore, I don’t want any poison near my garden or the rest of the flora and fauna I protect. I then slammed the door in his face.

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