Can’t Trust Me in a Garden Store

This weekend I made the mistake of going to the garden store for some taller poles for the tomatoes. I ended up with a whole bevy of new flowers to plant! Eric drilled better holes into the new deck beds and we filled them with gravel before adding rich loam and flowers. Now, every time I look out the back door from our living room I can see beautiful flowers sitting right next to the entrance of my garden.

I’ve also looked in on my cucumber plants which are growing even further upward. There are even more flowers in two days and we can now see the burgeoning of our first ever cucumbers! Meanwhile, in bed one we have a nicely size tomato that I’m hoping will start turning red soon and, next to bed two we have some wild tomatoes that appeared from the seeds and loam from last year. We plan to transplant them into bed four because something out there is munching on them and I’d rather be the one munching on tomatoes. Our peppers are still growing wonderfully and I put two new serranos into our chili for dinner. All manner of insects visit the garden including dragonflies and parasitic wasps, which is a good insect that will protect our leaves. The tiger lilies area surrounding our garden has sprouted some daisies this weekend and I planted some other wild flowers to give this part of our garden free range and color.

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