Activity in the Garden End of July

The last week of July saw a lot of insect and bird activity as the bees enjoyed my tomatillo and cucumber plants early in the morning while the birds attacked the bird feeder and played in our new bird bath during the day. I need to set up something where I can discreetly take pictures of the birds…or perhaps clean our windows. However, I did get several bee butts!

Thank you bees for pollinating my plants and helping with our harvest and lovely flowers! We’ve been harvesting well and made some more pickles. The tomatoes are starting to redden and everyday we harvest golden or red cherry tomatoes.

There is so many wonderful things to see lately even outside my garden; thus, we got in the car and drove to a local farm to harvest peaches and get some of the ripening fruit like cherries and blueberries. Travelling through their farming area gave me ideas on how to protect our blueberry plants and some of the companion plants that also bear fruit when cared for properly. From this I’ve decided I’ll plant some blackberries next year because I have killer blackberry bbq sauce that tastes great on almost anything.

Okay, window cleaning probably should also happen to our car mirrors

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