The Autumn Bed

So earlier this month we planted our bed four with some lovely cold loving plants recommended by MIGardener. One thing we were worried about was the birds getting to our seeds before they could grow so we got some netting and draped it over the bed. This was successful but next year we’d like to find a more visible netting because we do love our flying friends as they take care of pests. Within 2 weeks, all of the rows showed hardy growth and Eric was able to get some shots with his cell phone because I was out there camera & cell-less that day. Today I went out to get yet another nice basket of vegetables and more recent photos of the bed.

Our Tom Thumb peas are shooting up like crazy! They started from basically a small, hardened pea and now they are grasping at anything nearby to anchor and unfortunately started seeking the lettuce in the next row! Thankfully, we had all of that research on peas needing a trellis, not to mention the experience of why with the cucumber plants, and so we had an extra on hand. It’s one that has two slats and an apex so there is bars on both sides for them to latch onto. I was able to get a picture of my little babies learning how to grab on and we only put it up two days ago.

We also planted a myriad of other leafy greens – lettuce, spinach, and ruby red and orange chard that is already showing colors. I need to start pruning but it is so hard to choose! First, because I’ve never really been good at the pruning step. Second, because how can I choose?! They are all so awesome.

At the end of the bed I have kohlrabi, one of my favorite veggies to add to salads, and a variety of zucchini that should be small and orbish. This weekend we will go purchase another trellis for the zucchini as I’m all too familiar on how it can start overrunning a planting area. I want to train it to grow up and not out!

I look forward to eating healthy and well into November hopefully as we will now start working on bed cloches for the coming colder months. Right now Eric has an idea with pvp piping but I’m thinking we may only need wire. We will see as we continue to look at alternatives.