Winter has Come

Autumn flowed into winter fairly quickly, and the deer ate all my plants! It was a great growing season and I learned a lot through other gardeners and our own experiences. My ginger and turmeric was blighted by slugs but our sweet potato patch was an absolute success. They were very delicious and I am encouraging my husband to try them next year as well.

We didn’t expect this but a 3-day snow storm has hit and everything is now buried. I went out to take pictures and we are discussing how to build some cloches for next year to protect some of the plants. There is also the idea of buying a greenhouse but I want to put down a good base floor for it to sit upon before we think that far ahead.

It was still a wonderful growing season and learning lesson for me. My garden took me away from the technical side of my life and gave me a place to sit and ponder about everything. I enjoyed watching the butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and birds as they went about their daily business. I got to develop food and enjoy it all the more for our meals. I have my plans for this next year and will post some drawings and descriptions in the coming months.

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