Quarantine Doesn’t Stop A Garden

Unfortunately, I am someone with a compromised immune system so I have to rely on others to help me with human interactions; however, I don’t need anyone to help me with my garden! Okay, yes I do…

My good friends the bumble bee, honey bee, and even spiders are doing their best to distribute pollen and have some fun. Bees are so essential to our way of life and are a linchpin creature, so if you see them please don’t be so ready to poison or kill. If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone!

Spiders are also a very great creature to have in your garden because they will trap and eat the bad bugs. In fact, spiders in your house also help with bug issues. It’s very important to support positive insects in your garden such as lady bugs, dragonflies, bees, and other creatures. Here is a great site to learn about some of these garden helpers and how they do their work for you – https://morningchores.com/beneficial-garden-insects/.

I’m enjoying seeing the blooms even with the every now and again snow storm. Thankfully it hasn’t killed anything and we have some beauty during a time of strife. I do hope you all enjoy my latest photos and get yourself prepared for our next season!

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