Winter has Come

Autumn flowed into winter fairly quickly, and the deer ate all my plants! It was a great growing season and I learned a lot through other gardeners and our own experiences. My ginger and turmeric was blighted by slugs but our sweet potato patch was an absolute success. They were very delicious and I am…

The Autumn Bed

So much new growth while harvest still yields tons of vegetables

Activity in the Garden End of July

The last week of July saw a lot of insect and bird activity as the bees enjoyed my tomatillo and cucumber plants early in the morning while the birds attacked the bird feeder and played in our new bird bath during the day. I need to set up something where I can discreetly take pictures…

Morning Walk Through the Garden

This morning I got up, got my water, and took a trip down to my garden with my camera. The birds were chirping and flying around, dew was on the leaves, and morning bugs were enjoying the coolness of the morning on the stems. Here is a photo journey of my morning.

Cucumbers to Pickles!

I finally got some nicely sized cucumbers!! This was after a weekend heat wave so it was about 3 days to grow to these sizes. We cut into the top of one to taste and they weren’t that overly watery version from a grocery store. There was a concentration of cucumber flavor and I can…